Friday, June 26, 2009

michael jackson n I

When i woke up this morning, my mobile phone stated i have 8 unread messages and a missed call from my Grandma. all of the messages were about Michael Jackson being dead. i called my Grandma, and after saying "Good morning sayang" she also updated me on the shocking news.

Everybody have their own Michael Jackson stories. Mine is...a vague memory of watching tv after an afternoon nap. There was this person, with shoulder length curly hair in funny clothing, singing and dancing these crazy moves. I asked Mama whether it was a woman? She said the eccentric guy is Michael Jackson. I remember saying to myself, i wanna marry that guy.

This is my favorite outfit of Michael's

Now, that was even before i turn 10 years old. Over these years i listened to his songs n heard the gossips, rumours, news about him. I wasn't a fan of his that would go and strangle the people who said the bad things about MJ nor was i the type that would buy a red jacket and have my hair curled like his, but i was a fan nontheless. His songs, his voice n ability to dance those awesome moves...awesome!! Waking up to the news of his demise, it felt awfully surreal. but it was true.

I'm seeing and hearing Michael everywhere today. online, facebook, youtube, yahoo, msn, kennysia, on tv, on the radio, in my car...the radio stations were playing his songs today, it's MJ marathon on the radio. even CNN, BBC, etc were covering about him..there was a THS (True Hollywood Story) for Oprah (says Astro's Guide) that aired "THS: Michael Jackson" instead.

I am going to miss seeing him and his slightly over the top jackets, his surprisingly soft voice, and i cannot help but cringe to the thought of never again introduced to new songs of his.

We will miss you Michael! may Allah bless your soul.

Monday, June 08, 2009

days at supermarkets..i love em, dont you? lets see what i stumbled upon recently..

a gadget's that supposedly could, would help people to make their mouth seems smaller..

a level for Bisexuals just...(okay, it's B1, but still..)

keropok that is Gila Pedas!!

Detergent that would make your floor so Klin~~ (guffaws)

And Adult Milk!!! (and no, it doesn't come with the model. Thanks Alf!!)

Look what i found when i stepped into my peaceful room after a long day of classes n traffic congestion...

my lovely pet cat, Schumach managed to sneak into my room n rummaged through my snacks stash and ate a pack of dried cuttlefish...she's really 'thoughtful'...she even left some for me!! bad kitty..

Sunday, June 07, 2009

i have crazy cousins. possibly because i have crazy uncles n aunts. basically, we're all crazy..and i love them all to bits. like when i was flying back to KL fr Sarawak...

we were the noisiest tembam girls at the airport

goofing around, easting ice creams n taking pictures.

couz marsya managed to kick the guy who was sitting beside us in the process.. poor chap.

My Grampa was somehere in the nearby horizon. he was probably wishing he was at home.

Then we took this 1 last picture, showing all 4 of us pretending to be sane civilized creatures.
We managed to pull it off, right?
I think so...right after this picture was taken, couz Marsya (the little gendot on my lap) managed to persuade me to give her a piggy-back ride, for 10 torturous minutes!!

in the flight... i terrorized other passengers...hehe..nah, just kidding. i held my fart till we arrived n disembarked the aircraft at KLIA. lucky them.
i wonder if there's such a disorder that's opposite of anorexics n bullimics out there are facing.. how they see themselves as being fat when all the while they're so freakin skinny...

coz i think i might have the opposite disorder, where i think im NOT THAT fat (i scan myself in the mirror every day) but whenever i see people, friends n family, they'd go "Oh my, you've grown..sideways!!" or something along the line of "u better control your food intake, or....."

i dont think i look THAT fat...from the front...

nor from the side...

i think it's MAINLY coz of my cheeks...

*sigh* cant really target to lose fats in the cheeks.. nearly impossible, right?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Parents are confused. period. And because of that, children are too.

How many times have your mum or dad (or both?) told you to act like a grown-up coz according to them, you are one?

And how many times after that (not immediately after) and usually when you tell them you wanna buy or do something.... they say ... 'you're not old enough for dont know what the world is like out there...just listen to me, i know more...etc"

or parents forbidding their children from dating and having 'someone special', especially their daughters....and when the child turns 24, they will ask her, 'bila nak kahwin?'

crazy dude~

and to those parents that send their daughters to tuition whenever the kid has some extra time, emphasizing on the achievement of tremendous amount of As, shooing their kids into boarding schools and scoring Dean's List in the university....

do not complain later when they dont really know how to do the housework...cook for their husbands...being book smart and not street smart...

parents... stop confusing and twisting the minds of your children, please!

*these are based on my own, or friends' experiences...seriously...*

Saturday, April 12, 2008

sometimes, im in a relationship...sometimes...

you ever thought of all those time you wasted on relationship(s)?

i just got out of another one funny to think of the time, energy and emotions spent on those relationships...sometimes i wonder of more important and beneficial things i could have been doing instead of worrying and trying to make it work...

but on the bright side...i learned many things..bout myself, bout people, bout loving and being loved and the idea of loving another person...surviving a monogamous relationship...about life.

recently, i learned lesson number 171, is true, it is very possible to be attracted to someone because of something else apart from his looks (yeah yeah, late bloomer i am). now, am NOT saying the guy was unattractive,NO, he was NOT ugly..what i am saying here is, i was not initially attracted to his looks..we became friends and learned so many things about each other (and i learned alot about myself in the process too) and i fell for him. his stories of his past life, what he is doing right now and how he wants to live later..his dreams and missions..i was turned ON by these things especially the last part. i love guys with visions and missions and work hard in achieving them..and as each day passes, i admire him more and more and..i want to be by his there for him...silly eh? sometimes i think so.

but it did not work, me and that guy..our ideas on how to love another person differs. life goes on, am just 22. :)

sometimes i wonder whether i will meet and marry the guy of my dreams..whether those people that say they married the person of their dreams were telling the there such a person that fits your dreams to the dot? impossible? i think so. life is an enigma, yes, but it is possible to find the guy that is ALMOST the kind of person i would like to be with..or, i would probably meet someone who is not, but what 'i want' in 'my man' changes.. is an enigma, and so am i..sometimes... :)

sometimes..things are not how i thought it would be, but still i feel happy. crazy? sometimes i think so too.. :)